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Credit memo problem

Postby Argar » Sat Feb 28, 2015 2:29 pm

New user, started 2 weeks ago, cannot access Deltek online help yet - predecessor didn't need it so didn't notice it wasn't working, will address that this week. Until then - I have a problem.

In the Billing Module, I opted to generate a Credit Memo, my first step in notifying the client of billing corrections (errors in fee %complete on some line items), which completely reversed (I thought) the two previous invoices issued to them in prior months, neither of which they have paid to date. The Credit Memo itself looks just as I wanted - simple negative billings of the prior invoices. I posted the Credit Memo and ran RevGen (so the prior billed amounts would be zero'd out).

My second step is where I have a problem. I built a new invoice, with the corrected fee %complete by line item, expecting the corrected fees to all show up as current. That worked at the bottom of the invoice with the client job totals as of the new invoice: current billings less prior billings (now zero) equals remaining outstanding. But in the body of the invoice, the prior billing amount is still showing up - not on the line items but as a reduction from the line item summations. It is NOT zero and is resulting in a new invoice amount for the incremental increase (the other line items increased more than the zero'd out line items decreased), not the full amount as current. What did I do wrong? Did I miss a step?

I'm heading back into the office today to see if can puzzle it out. Looking on this forum, there may have been better ways to handle these line item fee corrections. But it is what it is at this point. Any help from you experts would sure be appreciated!

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