Payroll expenses w/out payroll interface.

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Chili Palmer
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Payroll expenses w/out payroll interface.

Postby Chili Palmer » Tue Sep 09, 2014 7:02 pm

Hello, I am new to the board and new to Deltek so bear with me if my questions seem rudimentary.

I was recently tasked with moving from an outdated payroll service provider (still performs ALL tasks with fax, no online access, no email communication, etc.) to a more up-to-date company.

Right now here is the payroll process:

Print payroll report from Deltek that provides hours worked, etc.
Enter that data (manually) onto a pre-printed form
Fax form to payroll company
Receive paychecks day before/day of pay date
Receive payroll reports from payroll company
Enter checks, taxes, medical, etc. into Deltek manually.

Direction I'm headed:

Export data from Deltek into a file the new payroll company can upload into the system.
Receive paychecks day before/day of pay date
Receive importable file from new payroll company and import into deltek

I know I can pull the data I need from a Payroll report so the real question I have is - can I import a data file without the payroll interface module? Currently the data entry is being done as a cash disbursement and it appears you can upload files as cash disbursements?

Any info would help, thanks.


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