Resume Merge Template - listing more than one item

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Resume Merge Template - listing more than one item

Postby les.thomas » Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:43 pm

I am using Vision version 7.6 and trying to create a resume merge template. Most things work fine, but I have one silly issue I can't figure out. When trying to export things potentially with multiple items like Education or Professional Affiliations it will only export the first item and ignore any others. Here's what my code looks like for exporting Education:

[Begin_Records][Degree|employeeDegree||Degrees|P|||, ][Degree Institution|employeeDegreeInstitution||Degrees|P|||, ][Degree Year Earned|employeeDegreeYearEarned|Y#########;0|Degrees|P][End_Records]

For my test export there is a line for a BS degree and one for an MS degree. The BS one is listed first and that's the only one it will export. Yes, the "proposal" box is checked for both records. Here's what I've tried in troubleshooting so far:

- Listing the code more than once between the [Begin_Records] and [End_Records] only lists the BS degree twice
- Putting the [Begin_Records] and [End_Records] on their own lines with the rest of the code on its own line does nothing to solve this problem

Any ideas? I'm sure it's got to be something stupid.

Muchas gracias!

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Brief Company Description: A full service engineering firm providing a broad range of planning and design services in the fields of industrial, power supply and distribution, communications infrastructure, structural, electrical, mechanical, environmental, geotechnical, civil, aviation, rail, and traffic/transportation engineering, as well as landscape architecture, land use planning, surveying, wetland delineation, construction engineering and technology services.
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Re: Resume Merge Template - listing more than one item

Postby kthomas » Tue Feb 07, 2017 12:12 pm

While I am not on the same version as you, I believe you need an additional [End] for the Degrees section before the [End_Records].


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Re: Resume Merge Template - listing more than one item

Postby StacieFerrell » Wed May 10, 2017 9:14 am

In order to merge all Degrees your code should look something like this (in Word)...


InDesign would be similar...
[Degrees:][Employee Degree] / [Year Degree Earned] / [Degree Specialty] / [Institution]
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