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Karen Sigel
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Company: Buchart Horn, Inc.
Brief Company Description: Buchart Horn is a multi-disciplined consulting firm with more than seven decades of award wining engineering and architectural design experience. Established in 1945, the firm’s architects, engineers, and planners serve a growing list of clients in the US and Europe. The company is well known for designs of courthouses, offices, schools, churches, libraries, airports, highways, bridges, and environmental projects such as water treatment facilities, wastewater plants, and environmental studies.

Buchart Horn services include architecture; environmental, transportation, civil, electrical, mechanical, structural engineering services; construction management, disaster resistance assessments, site development, GIS, photogrammetry, planning, permitting, grant application assistance, and telecommunications.
Deltek Vision Version: 7.0
Number of Employees: 200
Company Position: Marketing Coordinator/Database Manager
Vision Modules: CRM & Proposals/MODI/Sync Server
Number of Offices: 15
Year Vision Installed: 1999
Location: York, PA

Marketing Campaigns

Postby Karen Sigel » Wed Oct 10, 2012 10:48 am

Is anyone actively using Marketing Campaigns? I'd love to get some insight on what you're doing and the results you're getting.

Karen L. Sigel
Buchart Horn, Inc.
717 852-1465

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Brief Company Description: Environmental consultants
Deltek Vision Version: 5.1
Number of Employees: 230
Company Position: Marketing
Vision Modules: CRM, Projects, Custom Proposals, SF330, Timesheet
Number of Offices: 18
Year Vision Installed: 2002
Vision User Group: Boston, MA

Re: Marketing Campaigns

Postby bevarts » Wed Nov 28, 2012 2:49 pm

Hi Karen

We use it sparingly. I mainly use it to identify contacts that should receive certain outreach email campaigns from us. This way, I can export the data and pull it into an online campaign manager (like Constant Contact). It is actually working out well and we have kept it simple for now. A contact can be associated with several types of campaigns. We align ours with our target industries and services (e.g. Pipelines, Wind Energy, NEPA Services, etc). ~Beth

FYI - I found an earlier post on this forum about this topic:


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Company: Borton-Lawson
Brief Company Description: Multi-disciplined engineering company, Pennsylvania based.
Deltek Vision Version: 7.0
Number of Employees: 200
Company Position: Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Vision Modules: financial, project, billing, time & expense, proposal
Number of Offices: 0
Year Vision Installed: 2008

Re: Marketing Campaigns

Postby zekeuout » Mon Sep 09, 2013 7:30 pm

I'm not sure if I'm in the correct group, however I do have a question about marketing campaigns vs. activity manager. I am looking to set up client service plans, where specific assignments/tasks/etc. are associated with staff to execute the plan (campaign). I'd like to have the plans roll-up by market - example: Transportation Market might have four plans for four different transportation clients. Has anyone tried to do the same thing? With campaigns? Or another tool in Vision?

The key is to be able to layout activities, and then regularly update the plan activities to assure progress/execution of the plan.

Sorry for the rambling.


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