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Opportunities vs Projects Info Center

Postby jnorman » Tue Jun 17, 2014 12:02 pm

My company has been using Vision for a couple of years and has just started to get interested in the CRM module. Since I used this module at a previous company, I have offered my experience as one guideline source. We had a presenter from another large firm come in to discuss the benefits of using it as well.

Up to this point, marketing ventures were captured with one promotional project per year (for all market segments) and a task per proposal was added. General marketing per segment had it's own promotional project. This year each segment had its own promotional project to add a task per proposal with "General Marketing" as the first task number. Pipeline and activity reporting were maintained in Excel.

We just started opening Opportunities for existing 2014 and future marketing tasks. Activities are also maintained with new Opportunities. Now there is a question of "are we duplicating the work?" by opening a task for time then opening an Opportunity. The follow-up question to that is "do we need to use Opportunities when we can customize Projects to do this, possibly with promotional projects vs marketing tasks?" which is leading to "can we avoid spending the money on CRM seats and continue only using the standard module?"

I am tasked with answering these questions which means proving the value of purchasing CRM seats or spending time/money on more customization. My experience says we should continue using CRM and its value will present itself in time. The ROI for crm seats may not be realized initially but will over time.

Can anyone help me make the case for CRM stronger than further customization?

I should also note they are interested in linking to New Forma as well. Will that program help with CRM and circumvent this debate?

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Re: Opportunities vs Projects Info Center

Postby steph » Wed Jun 18, 2014 2:17 pm

Unless you have your Promo projects set up to track it, I think the real value in the Opportunity entry is the win/loss data. Assuming you are entering all proposals and pursuits into the Opportunity Info Center, you can't get this out of Promo projects without setting up the custom fields to track this as well.

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