Unable to access and add data

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Unable to access and add data

Postby BAHR » Tue Jul 26, 2011 9:47 am

Hello; I am working in Project Planning and attempting to add PTO hours into the module. The path I take to get to the information is...
Project Management
(see only General Tab and Labor Tab)
Use magnifying glass (plan lookup) to locate PTO plan
Labor tab show (retrieving information)
and I see at the top above General Tab the folllowing:
PLAN is being edited by my initials???
I am unable to data enter any information - it's as though I am locked out
I have logged off the program using the logoff icon
I have closed down and rebooted
The administrator has checked my rights and nothing has changed.

Any ideas or suggestions on how to fix and/or log out so that the program does not think I am editing when I am not. Thank you in advance! LAB

Barbara Bunting
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Re: Unable to access and add data

Postby Barbara Bunting » Thu Aug 04, 2011 6:17 pm

Vision thinks you are still in the plan. You need to check it back in and then you should be able to enter information again. Here is the information we have located in a Help icon on our General tab with the text title "How to Check In a Plan":

If you are working in Vision Planning and lose your connection to the server, Vision will still show you are editing your plan because you were unable to exit it in the normal way. This will also happen if Vision freezes and you have to close the application without properly logging out.

To check the plan back into Vision so that you can edit it again (you are only able to check in plans that Vision shows are being edited by your user account):

Click on Actions
Check in Plans
Type in the name or number of the plan and click OK
You will then need to reload the plan

If your plan is checked out to another user, please contact that user to check in the plan.

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