Welcome Vancouver and B.C. Vision Users

A forum for the Deltek sponsored Vision User Group in Vancouver.
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Company: Fransen Engineering Ltd.
Brief Company Description: Fransen Engineering Ltd. - Multi-discipline consulting engineering firm based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada with 3 regional offices - 2 in B.C. and one in Calgary, Alberta. Focused primarily on Oil and Gas in the Alberta tar sands as well as Pulp and Paper, Food & Beverage, Municipal, and Water Treatment.
Deltek Vision Version: 4.1
Number of Employees: 175
Company Position: I.T. Manager
Vision Modules: Accounting, Time & Expense, Purchasing
Number of Offices: 4
Year Vision Installed: 2006
Location: Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Welcome Vancouver and B.C. Vision Users

Postby cakeholes » Fri Aug 14, 2009 12:35 pm

Hi everyone,

The leads of all of the User Groups across North America have settled on using this board as a central Vision User Group site. We will have our own section here as well as access to all of the other user groups and the general boards. This should give us far more access to the knowledge that is out there, instead of only posting amongst our small, fledgling community. I strongly encourage everyone to take the time to browse these boards as there is a wealth of good information and a large community that is willing to help and share ideas.


Kevin Coles
Fransen Engineering Ltd.
Vancouver Vision User Group Leader
Kevin Coles
I.T. Manager - Fransen Engineering Ltd.
Vancouver Vision User Group Leader

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