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2009 Meetings

Posted: Wed Nov 11, 2009 4:18 pm
by btaylor
Full User Group Quarterly Meetings
Q4 User Group Topic: Project Information Management/Newforma Vision Integration Presenter: Brad Hartnagle Contact: Jennifer Jordan
Q3 User Group Topic: Business Intelligence/Cubes/VPM Presenters: Bob Johansen and Jessica Tiwari (Deltek) Contact: Brent Taylor
Happy Hour at Insight
Q2 User Group Topic: Luna Demonstration Presenter: Brian Lemee (Deltek) Contact: Brent Taylor
Q1 User Group Topic: End User Training Presenter: Shar Schneiderman (Deltek) Contact: Sherry Nelson

Accounting Sub Group
Topic: Financial Reporting Presenters: Linda Ross/Rita Littlejohn Contact: Linda Ross
Topic: Revenue Generation Presenters: Panel (Ben Simecka, Kari Peterson, Sherry Nelson) Contact: Linda Ross

Planning Sub Group
Topic: PM Buy In Presenter: Brent Taylor Contact: Laura Bellis
Topic: Planning Implimentation Presenter: Brent Taylor Contact: Laura Bellis

Marketing Sub Group
Topic: Campaigns Presenter: Debbie Fredericksen Contact: Kari Peterson
Topic: Proposals Presenter: Nancy Brandon Contact: Kari Peterson

IT Sub Group
Topic: Vision 6 and Beyond Presenter: Steve McTavish (Central Consulting Group) Contact: Brent Taylor