2009 Advisory Committee Members

A forum for the Deltek sponsored Vision User Group in Kansas City, MO.
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Company: Populous
Brief Company Description: Populous is a global design firm that specializing in creating environments that draw people and communities together for unforgettable experiences.

We have been using Vision since 2002 and are members of the Kansas City, Power and Large Firm User Groups.
Deltek Vision Version: 4.1
Number of Employees: 430
Company Position: Senior Tax Analyst
Vision Modules: Accounting, CRM, ADP Interface, Billing, Expense, Abra Interface, Proposals, Time, Planning, Sync Server, Multi-Curren
Number of Offices: 11
Year Vision Installed: 2002
Location: Kansas City

2009 Advisory Committee Members

Postby btaylor » Wed Nov 11, 2009 4:27 pm

Kari Peterson - Bartlett & West (MARKETING SUB GROUP LEAD)
Rita Litteljohn - BHC Rhodes
Amanda Neuner - BHC Rhodes
Laura Bellis - BNIM Architects (PLANNING SUB GROUP LEAD)
Nancy Brandon - Bucher, Willis & Ratcliff
Sherry Nelson - George Butler Associates
Bob Johansen - Leo A Daly (IT SUB GROUP LEAD)
Brent Taylor - Populous (GROUP FACILITATOR)
Valonda Burke - SKW
Jeanne Downer - WNB Architects

*Please see the members section for contact information

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