Mid-month B/S and Income Statement

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Mid-month B/S and Income Statement

Postby Argar » Sat Feb 28, 2015 3:02 pm

Is it possible to produce a balance sheet and income statement for a prior date that is NOT month end? For example, as of 10/10/2014? I'm a new user with 2 weeks under my belt, playing around in the Reporting Module but no formal training as of yet (is a goal for the near future). Boss needs these reports mid-month as of a prior month but everything I see is month-end (unless I'm running it on that physical day). I can build an Excel spreadsheet with beginning balances per Vision and then add month-to-date activity by picking through transactions for that month - but if I can build a report in Vision, that's preferable.

Thanks for whatever hints you can pass on!

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