Number of levels in Organization Structure

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Brief Company Description: Engineering & Environmental Consultancy
Deltek Vision Version: 7.0
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Number of levels in Organization Structure

Postby Heath » Thu Jul 09, 2015 4:21 pm

Hi all

We are in the early stages of a Deltek Vision v7.4 implementation and are considering how many levels to include in our Organization Structure. One option we are considering is using only one Org Level (Company). The reasons behind this are:

1) We wish to simplify our financial reporting where possible
2) We want to encourage our staff to focus on project performance as opposed to overheads associated with a particular region or group.
3) We want resources to be used in a way the is in the best interests of the company and eliminate concerns that an individual from one group may have greater overhead costs associated with them than someone in another group.

Whilst we would not use an org structure to define some areas of the business we may still look to set user defined fields on projects to be able to run aggregated project performance by region etc

Without having a prototype built yet we are keen to understand what implications this one level org structure might have in terms of:

a) Reporting functionality ie: how easy is it to configure standard Vision reports to run based on a user defined field ? (for example: how easy would it be to configure a Aged Debtors Report based on a user defined region field)
b) How does the organisational level effect Resource Planning functionality and reporting?

Has anyone else considered using just one single org level. If so, what structure did you end up using and what are the reasons not to use a single org level?

We would really appreciate any thoughts / feedback you could give us on this idea.



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